GA Partner is managed and founded by four experienced and service minded partners, with long experience from the industry.







                                    Mr. Frank Petter Jensen.

                          Jensen has a long experience from Norwegian CAA and the groundhandlers Braathens & Norport Handling.

                          Earlier worked as Ground equipment Manager within the Aviator Airport Alliance group.

                          Various experience within the industry makes him ideal for directing the company.






                                     Mr. Kenneth Pedersen

                                     Kenneth was financial manager within Norport Handling. Earlier experience as Cargo Manager.

                                     He's experienced  and monitors the financial tasks of the company.







                                    Operations Manager

                                    Mr. Henning André Ogann

                                    Henning André facilitates the operations and the logistics needed for our customers.

                                    More than 30 years experience from various tasks within ground handling.




                                    HSE Manager

                                    Mr. Jostein Jonassen

     Jostein is our HSE  and sees to procedures are in accordance with CAA.

     Jostein is a former Duty Manager in companies like Braathens, Norport Handling & Aviator Airport Alliance.


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